stability boots

Swiss Balance offers Künzli stability boots. Künzli's special stabilizers use the "A-Form" principle to prevent tilt and twist in the patient's ankle without hindering natural bio-mechanical motion. A torsion-resistant "Sandwich Sole" guides a controlled roll-over in the anterior-posterior plane.
Studies have shown that patients fitted with these stability boots returned to work two weeks earlier than those treated with common plaster immobilization procedures.

Why Stability Boots Work

The A-Principle

The A-principle is the key element of the stability boots and was developed by Swiss orthopedic surgeons specialized in foot and ankle as well as sport medicine and shoe manufacturer Künzli of Switzerland. The A-principle has been widely recognized by practitioners and appreciated by thousands of patients for more than a decade. Stability boots are used:

Multiple studies have proven its effectiveness. Benefits include returning to work approximately two weeks earlier than patients who are treated with common immobilization procedures.

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